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  • Agriturismo Ustori La Doccia

Welcome to Tuscany

Our family's holiday homes  are situated near the beautiful town of Ambra, in the heart of Tuscany, in the well known Chianti region. As the Ambra valley (Valdambra) occupies a central position between Florence, Siena and Arezzo, our historic houses are ideal for a stay in the countryside whilst still remaining close the most beautiful areas and cities of art of Tuscany. For those who wish to visit our beautiful coastline, the crystal clear Mediterranean sea of the Maremma is just over one hour away.

The homes we offer are located in two estates, Monte di Rota and La Doccia, isolated in the woods, but only some minutes away from Ambra:

  • The Monte di Rota estate is positioned on a hilltop overlooking the Chianti region.
  • The La Doccia estate is hidden in a small vallez with an enchanting stream and a little waterfall next to the houses.

The existing houses were, until a few years ago, ruins of which very little was left standing. In a time span of twenty years the houses have been restored, and are now available for guests.

Our family-run enterprise is complemented by our cultivation of the surrounding fields of olives and vines. The farm allows us to combine the love for our land and its products with the joy of meeting those who come from other countries and cultures. We are happy to offer our very own extra virgin olive oil and Chianti wine, as well as our family's assistance during guests stays.

The Ustori Family